View from the office

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, your right.”

  • Henry Ford

For the past couple months I have been lacking sleep. It’s because I have so many things to do, accomplish, experience and more. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that keeps me going. I believe it is more of a combination of things. I am happy with my work and my hobby of piloting. I am focused on incorporating more fitness into my life by waking up early to walk to the park to fly everyday before work.

I probably spend 50% of my time working on something and the other 50% working on my hobby. Plus some miscellaneous tasks of course. Thus the lack of sleep. Everyday I try to get better in every way I can. I hope that others can find something that can get them out of bed asap to start their day. I see it every morning when I go the park and fly near the beach. There are many surfers already in the water well before 7am doing the same thing everyday.

Find your passion.






  • an idea or though that continuously preoccupies or intrude’s on a person’s mind

In my life I have had many obsessions. Throughout my many obsessions I was able to gain skill and knowledge from an endless supply of motivation. It was my key to becoming good at something.

Off the top of my head:

  • Motorcycles
  • Programming
  • Quadcopters
  • 3D Printing
  • Traveling
  • Video Games
  • Table Top Games

By learning how to channel this limitless supply of energy, I believe anything is possible.



“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”


Check in:

  • Work is still cool
  • Drones are cooler
  • Continuous education is the coolest

Blah blah blah, nothing that sparks my memory for this past week. It could be my bad memory or a not so exciting week that makes the exciting ones better.

Without darkness there cannot be light.

Expand The Mind


Your entire universe is in your mind and nowhere else. To expand the universe, expand your mind.

Deepak Chopra

This week I had a problem with one of my tasks I was given.

TLDR: We had a meeting with a total of 8 attendees that included people from the content and product team. We had to rethink the way that the page was going to display some new improvements.

When I started programming, I was consumed by the world of computers. This week reminded me that it is just a small component of the much large world. The same world I was in before I started programming. My perspective just changed. Now that I fly a quadcopter my perspective has further changed.

I shall continue to expand my mind everyday.






firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition

I make it a daily effort to stay positive. Lately the trying to keep up with world news has been quite disheartening, so I try to avoid it and focus on work and my hobbies.

My hobby right now is multi rotors, quadcopter, drones; whatever you want to call it. Ever since I was a child I wanted to fly or do something that flew, wether it be a jet fighter or an astronaut. Since I had glasses at a young age that dream went on the shelf to collect some dust until now. Like many things in life drone life is tough. Stuff always breaks and we must fix it in order to get back in the air.

I don’t let one small crash stop me from reaching for the sky.



This past week has been pretty awesome. I’ve continued to work with other developers in reading code together and figuring out solutions to the problems we are given.

I am excited for my upcoming workshop in a couple weeks. I’ll finally be able to do a two day bootcamp style Full Stack JavaScript! I don’t know what it is about the language yet that pulls my to it, but one day I hope to be able to tell people why.

Next week I am going to have the most relaxed interview ever. It is an internal interview for another team in the company. As my technical director pointed out, I shouldn’t worry because I will still have a job either way. 😀 Coolest interview ever. I am not sure on all the details but it is for a front end developer position on the mobile team.

Until next week!

The Battle of the Mind


Lately there has been increasing chaos in my mind.

I find myself restless at times.

I practice my patience in my work and in my hobbies.

During the night I dream of the past, so strongly at times I wake up before the alarm.

During the day I dream of the future that will soon be materialized.

I am unsure what is happening but I keep on pushing.