Week: 1

2016-06-26 03.38.23 pmThis is my header!

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Hear me out!

Greetings from the world of html. I am really writing this in my html editor! This past week I completed week_0: Web Fundamentals at the Coding Dojo’s Onsite Flex Bootcamp. I cannot explain in words what an amazing week it has been. For many years I have been searching for something in my life that would give me purpose. week_0 at the dojo has shown me that calling. In my pursuit for purpose I have traveled across oceans looking for something that would fill the void in my soul.

I have spent many long nights in front of the computer as many people do today without a clue as to what a magnificent collection of art they have stumbled upon. This collection of art cannot be seen by everyone, but is rather available for those who seek it. I have always wondered how human beings are able to put together such wonderful machines with specific and general purposes.

In my search for knowledge I stumbled upon the idea of participating in a coding bootcamp where I can learn the art of coding. I will say now, I was not disappointed. I expected my day to last from 8am-5pm. I am glad to say I spend way more time than that on my art. It saddens me to say that time flies in the dojo. I am worried that if I blink the time will come to end. But as time passes I am sure I will come to see that this is just the beginning of a wonderful life.

  • week_0

Happy Coding!


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