week: 3

LAMP-stackLAMP stack!

This week we have learned about:

  • What is LAMP?
  • ERDs
  • PHP Fundaments
  • Intermediate Algorithms
  • PHP with MySQL

As we (my cohort and I) go deeper into the program, our eyes are constantly opening wider and wider into these technologies. We have finally got our first taste in using databases! The wheels in my brain have started moving towards seeing the possibilities that I can achieve through becoming a programmer! The pace has increased and the blood, sweat and tears are quickly catching up. This week I have been trying to submerge myself in the world of programming by reading and listening to podcasts in the hopes of increase my learning everyday!

Ever since I starting the bootcamp I have wondered why I had not found this passion of mine earlier. Up to this point in my life I have come to realize that I have not had a burning passion that I find in programming. Well maybe I have while I played video games. But the magnitude and sheer fire that programming has ignited in my soul does not compare. I am definitely here to stay. My journey as a programmer has officially begun. I have worn my oath with my blood and sword! There is no turning back! I will not retreat!


2 thoughts on “week: 3

  1. Hey chris, i wish u all the best and luck with web development. I myself read exploit codes for web apps from time to time but im no uber bug hunter just thought id say keep it up dont give up ur dreams and wish u all the best. for IDE i use cloud9 its a cloud IDE just like sublime text editor but it has a lot more features u could work with a team and share the work environment check them out whenever u find a chance c9.io wish u all the best


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