week: 4

MVCTopics this week:

  • OOP Fundamentals
  • OOP Advanced
  • PHP MVC with CodeIgniter

As the weeks move on, the amount of brain freezes increase. Learning to programming in a bootcamp is challenging. The pace is quick. We learn one topic then on to the next. The only time we can tap on the brakes is on the weekend, but we want to accelerate then. The first few weeks were okay since many of us were able to get a few day lead in the program, but as the we start to pick up speed I find myself losing my footing.

The Dojo is full of excellent human beings. It is very easy to find myself becoming discouraged and embarrassed. The best we can do is to keep pushing up the hill! We will reach it at some point only to find out our path is full of hills. That’s life! It’s what makes it exciting. We will not know what is good without bad. You get the point.

OOP is awesome. MVC is even more awesome. CodeIgniter… I need to read more docs. I love programming and no challenge will be too difficult for me. If there is a will there is a way! Kind of like the green lantern philosophy.

I know there was a lot of cliché in this post. The best explanation I have for it is that I am starting to understand them more and more. The keyword here is understand. Definition: perceive the intended meaning of. I am constantly growing each day. My mind has exploded this year and for some unknown reason somethings are becoming more clear to me, others are not. Anyway I am straying off topic already.

Some days are easy and some days aren’t.


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