Week 6: Conclusion to LAMP stack


This week, marked the end of my 1st stack of web development and start of another. My next stack is Ruby On Rails. On Saturday I took my LAMP exam for the second time to much greater success than the first time. I was able to complete the exam within the allotted time. I believe I crushed that exam! I won’t get the results until later in the week but I believe I am a LAMP stack red belt at the Coding Dojo, and possibly a black belt!

I felt so accomplished after the exam I am going start building my portfolio and working on small projects to put more of my new found skills to practice. Time to learn more front end design because thats going to be the first thing people notice about the website. Although from what I have learned in LAMP, back end work comes as a first priority to make sure the website functions as its suppose to.

The exam requirements were as follow:

  • Build a website with the following features and deploy it, to make it live
  • User log in and registration (with validation)
  • The wireframe contains 2 views for the user
  • Users can view friends on their welcome page
  • Add friends
  • Delete friends
  • View people that are not their friends
  • View users profile

The toughest part of the exam for me was running the SQL query for people that are not the users friend. I spend about 1 entire hour of the exam reading about how to write the query and was able to do so! I have to say that out of all the skills I have learned during the LAMP stack I enjoy database and querying the most.

Project Week Presentations

Friday was project presentation day. The presentation were presented in a way were the more recently added cohorts (such as myself) presented first. Then as we progressed through the groups the next cohort presented and so forth. By the end of the presentations it was clear to me how each stack that the individual cohorts completed, their projects became better and better. Some of the groups even claimed to have completed their projects in a matter of a day or two, while I spend most of the week working on mine with my group. It was an awesome experience to work together with new developers to try to build something. I am excited see what more experiences are ahead as we begin our Ruby On Rails track tomorrow!

I wanted to give a shout out and special thanks to all the wonderful people at the dojo! I couldn’t have made it this far without their support throughout the program. There are many days were sometimes it feels as though my progress comes to halt, only to find out the next day that I did learn something no matter how difficult it can be sometimes.

Looking forward to the firehose of learning again!

In the beginning I remember an instructor saying what learning felt like at the dojo. First they turn on a small water source, then at some point in the program they open up the firehose and just douse us with knowledge. They weren’t joking! Until next time!

Happy Coding!


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