Week 9: RoR


This week: Ruby on Rails Exam

Results: Not good

I felt both good and bad about my performance on the exam. I definitely was not able pull off a black belt worthy output within the 4.5 hours given to us. These timed exam are really fun and challenging to me. They are designed to gauge how much knowledge we were able to gain and retain within these 3 short weeks.

Overall I was happy that I was able to get most of the features completed. Comparing to the other 2 times that I took the LAMP exam I definitely felt a lot more confident about building these sites. I can see the improvement and growth of my skills. So I plan to take it again to go for that black belt after another week on Rails.

These few weeks will mark the midway point of our journey here at the Coding Dojo. The following week is going to be for project week. The projects are up to our creativity. After following so many other designs it was finally our time to create something of our own design. The task seems daunting at first because the first few ideas that came to mind was a couple projects I wanted to work on after the program for real world use. What better time to start then now, I decided.  My project for the week is going to build a website for my local table top gaming community. The site would feature some forum like capabilities as well as a system to organize a calendar of events that the various players would plan to attend and/or organize. This weekend I am going to start creating the wire frame and list of features the site should have. Hopefully if all goes well the community will adopt my website and use it for their weekly events and share ideas together on it.

This project will allow me to implement some of the new ideas taught to us in the RoR stack. Some of these new topics we covered are authorization and authentication which only allow accesses to certain parts of the website with the correct user credentials. It was an exciting discovery, because prior to this I had no idea how they build these control aspects on websites and I didn’t realize how important this stuff is.

In conclusion … It’s okay, I’m a ninja! (in training)

Happy Coding!


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