Week 10: RoR


Last day of project week marking the conclusion to the Ruby on Rails stack.

Today we witness the progress of various groups during their time at Coding Dojo, myself included. Project presentations are always very exciting to me. After spending so many weeks at the dojo, the presentations demonstrate the forward progress in our skills as full stack developers. The presentations sequence always starts with the newest stack and ends with the most veteran stack. With careful observation it is clear that the skills of these developers do show improvement.

The following week is scheduled to be a dead week where students will be able to complete various tasks and assignments for the previous stacks as well as retake belt exams to further improve our skills. During this week I will retake my Rails belt exam. On my first attempt I was only able to get a score that was worthy of a red belt. During dead week I will retake my exam with the goal of obtaining my second black belt. In addition to the exam I will begin preparation for my final stack, MEAN. In order to prepare for this stack we are instructed to go back to our javascript tracks in the platform to refresh our knowledge of the language. I am also going to begin reading Eloquent Javascript as recommended by our instructor.

Upon completion of my second stack, it is clear to me now that I have acquired the minimal amount of skills to begin developing projects outside of this program. A fire was lit under me that I cannot contain. I am excited to near the completion of the bootcamp and feel that I have improved my skills as a developer. Although I am just an apprentice in this craft I am looking forward to taking on projects after the program.

One of the skills I am planning on focusing on during my spare time will be front end development. Project week showed me that I have a decent understanding of back end and the skills to figure out whatever issues I may come across. Front end development appears to be another beast of its own that requires much more hours of research and learning in order to create exceptional websites that any designer would be proud of. I also find that by improving my front end skills I will be able to showcase these new found skills more clearly for the people that are not knowledgable in computer programming.

I look forward to obtaining my 2nd black belt during the coming week and preparing for the MEAN stack!


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