The Tortoise and the Hare

Progress update for Dojo After Dark overhaul.

Initially I was going to generate most of the views with a template I had found and transfer it into a React application. This week has proven that to be a much more difficult task because of the nature of React thus progress has slowed. I am going to rewrite the template into a React app  and rewrite the styles as well. This is going to be great practice for me to grow my understand of both React and css. During this ground up building process I am also going to familiarize myself with the new tools that most React apps are build with like webpack and other libraries needed in conjunction with React. After I finally complete all the views I am also planning to put together a D3js demo to share on the site.

Since I started learning how to program and my experiences in my boot camp, I always saw myself as the tortoise from “The Tortoise and the Hare” in the race of learning all that I can. I find it difficult to learn some of the concepts and it takes me multiple videos, readings and demos to have it sink in. I know that programming is my passion and I will continue to work on my craft until my time is up. I will be a master coder one day.

Check back here weekly for more updates!
Feel free to message me with any feedback or questions.
Also I don’t like coding alone, contact me for some coding hangouts if your in the area!


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