Start of the Next Chapter


We have to live life with a sense of urgency so not a minute is wasted.
– Les Brown

Welcome, to the transition to the next chapter. I now have a clear path in my mind. I am a Full Stack Engineer. Right now I am focused on honing my Front End Engineer skills. I build web apps, I make functional interfaces, I care, I am hungry, I am organized, I am fun, I like being outside, I like to code, I am interested in all tech, I am a programmer, I am an apprentice.

I have been studying Front End Technologies.
I almost have the whole process understood.
React apps are in the making right now.

Status Report:

Apps = 14
TopCompanies = 3
ShouldApply = 1
Books = EJS 4/21 CTCI 0.5.20
ActiveProjects = 3
Topics = Data Structure, System Design, Javascript
Mentors = 0
Interviews = 0
MeetUps = 1


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