I survived 2 weeks of life as a paid developer. All I can say is that I love it.

Now that I have found something I like to do everyday I have been more careful with my time. I try to wake up early. This past week I have been successfully up at 5:30am. Next week I am pushing for 5am. Waking up early allows me to complete tons of tasks before the day even begins. Some the things I do in the morning are :

– Go for a walk
– Algorithms
– Read
– Organize my notes from the previous day (simultaneously reinforcing the previous day’s learning)
– Prepare food
– Do some miscellaneous todo tasks

Each weekend I make time to refine my schedule depending on what worked and didn’t work. I also take special care to keep my projects organized in Trello so I can make progress while juggling many different projects with different teams.

I felt more than prepared for the first few weeks as a developer thanks to my bootcamp and my own learnings. I spent every day after graduation preparing to be employed as a developer. I have a long road a head of me, but I definitely feel like I was prepared.

Pro tip: study hard.

I find it hard to sleep at night despite waking up so early. During the day it feels as if I am downloading a terabyte of data into by brain much like a server, except I have to reboot mine daily and for about 8 hours. The excitement of learning and working on fun projects keeps me awake. At night I find myself getting up to make a note of some of the thoughts that go through my mind.

Discipline is all I can practice daily as I fight to tame my mind. All we have is time, I am choosing carefully what to do with mine and I recommend the same to anyone reading this.


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