Shifting Into Gear

businessman in blue room with doors open

“Most people go through life never discovering what their talents are. Most people never develop their talents.” -Les Brown

It is time for me to get into gear and begin spending more time on work instead of exploring aimlessly in the world of coding. Ever since I completed the boot camp I can see so many new doors that have opened. The doors are vast and lead to other doors. I need to practice more self discipline and focus. Having something to work on will allow me to focus and solve problems that will benefit people and help guide me in my journey.

This past week I began immersing myself in the company. I started researching the business, deeply exploring their website and even started exploring the inner workings that can be seen in the code. I still need to decipher the database because its size is much larger than anything I have come across in the boot camp. I will also need to learn the various technologies that the code is currently made up of.

My current aim is to specialize in SQL queries and testing. I am very curious in both topics and believe it will help to focus while I learn and improve these skills.


The Test Drive


This is a data visual generated by d3.js. At times code looks like this to me on the surface until I begin having a good understanding of what all of it means.

This past week I had begun my first live project. I call this my Contracting Test Drive. It was my first look into legacy code. Legacy Code is defined as: “code that relates to a no longer support or manufactured operating system or other computer technology”. Some even define it as: “code that was not written today”. The codebase so far has been extremely intimidating. The total of all the projects created by everyone at the Dojo during my 14 week boot camp does not compare to the size and complexity of this project. I have spent so much time trying to understand the overall workings of the codebase. I feel like the tortoise in the race against the hare. I feel like it is taking me a long time to understand the whole site. Despite my feeling of incompetence towards the code, I am sure that I will prevail.

During the week I was able to assist in the tackling of my first ticket (issue in the codebase that needs to be fixed). It involved one of the first few topics that interested me, MySQL database queries. Out of all the things that I have learned in the boot camp, database query and database construction has always intrigued me. It was the reason why I decided to join a boot camp in the first place. When I was teaching myself iOS development I ran into the issue of not knowing anything about databases, thus inspiring me to search for a boot camp.

The process for completing this ticket was done through pair programming, which is another of my favorite ideas that I had learned in the Dojo. I find that reading and talking about the same code with another person is extremely beneficial for all parties. It makes the learning and editing process so much smoother than I could have done by myself.

This week has reminded me what I have heard from many developers. Some days feel impossible while some days go really smooth. Coding definitely still feels like that roller coaster that I had experienced in the bootcamp. I am glad to say though that I am not bored with it. On my spare time try to get some reading done, learn a new library and work on my algorithm skills. My current materials are: Eloquent JavaScript, d3.js and Codewars as my algorithm platform. I enjoy the everyday challenges involved in the coding world.