View from the office

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, your right.”

  • Henry Ford

For the past couple months I have been lacking sleep. It’s because I have so many things to do, accomplish, experience and more. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that keeps me going. I believe it is more of a combination of things. I am happy with my work and my hobby of piloting. I am focused on incorporating more fitness into my life by waking up early to walk to the park to fly everyday before work.

I probably spend 50% of my time working on something and the other 50% working on my hobby. Plus some miscellaneous tasks of course. Thus the lack of sleep. Everyday I try to get better in every way I can. I hope that others can find something that can get them out of bed asap to start their day. I see it every morning when I go the park and fly near the beach. There are many surfers already in the water well before 7am doing the same thing everyday.

Find your passion.






  • an idea or though that continuously preoccupies or intrude’s on a person’s mind

In my life I have had many obsessions. Throughout my many obsessions I was able to gain skill and knowledge from an endless supply of motivation. It was my key to becoming good at something.

Off the top of my head:

  • Motorcycles
  • Programming
  • Quadcopters
  • 3D Printing
  • Traveling
  • Video Games
  • Table Top Games

By learning how to channel this limitless supply of energy, I believe anything is possible.

The Battle of the Mind


Lately there has been increasing chaos in my mind.

I find myself restless at times.

I practice my patience in my work and in my hobbies.

During the night I dream of the past, so strongly at times I wake up before the alarm.

During the day I dream of the future that will soon be materialized.

I am unsure what is happening but I keep on pushing.




“Without constant activity, the threats of life will soon overwhelm the values.”

— Jim Rohn


  • Awesome week
  • Tore it up
  • Getting comfy
  • Need to change it up
  • Ready for the next week
  • Workflow wasn’t clear initially
  • Kept asking questions because I can
  • Code reviews are awesome
  • QA is also awesome


  • Importance of communication
  • During commits, comments, messages, in person conversation and body language the goal should be an effective transfer of messages between the various parties
  • The prupose of the communication will probably still fall through the cracks so we should do our best to make sure most of the message made it and clarify anything with static.
  • I am becomming more explicit about the work that I preformed and leave my notes in the comments so that the following readers do not have to guess what to look for.

General reflections:

TLDR: I have spoken with a fair amount of people lately about being lost. I also find myself lost at times and more so in the previous couple years until I decided to become a programmer.

How I decided to forge my own path.

I brainwashed myself.

Everyday is a constant battle in the mind. Each day we have an unlimited amount of power. The power to make various decisions that determine what the next few seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and lifetime will be like.

I have seen a lot of movies and shows in my lifetime. I have invested countless amounts of time into video games. Now I feel that I am in a hurry to make up for lost time. Time where I could have been learning and developing a skill that would help me reach some of my dreamy goals such as having a property so large I could invite EDC to have an event on my land.

I don’t think of these past experiences as a total waste of time though. With careful observation you can learn important lessons from stories told through the TV. Through video games I have developed a winner attitude of never giving up and to keep going on even when the days seem tough. Imagine quiting after the first level of any game when you didn’t even give yourself the chance to learn and get better at it.

Nowadays I focus my time 2 things, quadcopters and web development. I need to add health and fitness to that list but I’ll be honest, neither has been near the top 2 for a long time. I plan to change that this year.

Why am I sharing all this?
For the few people that reach out to me and are able to get something out it. This is for you. I also do this to keep me accountable with myself and to challenge myself to be better than I was last week.

My new hobby of piloting quadcopters has also taught me a lot about decisions. Each time I move the sticks it’s either going to keep me in the air or bring me down. Rarely do I stay still. It’s too much fun not to fly forward. Sometimes I am having too much fun and fly right into the ground. Parts will break, and I will rebuild it. This hobby has strengthed my determination in life, it isn’t cheap and mistakes can be pretty expensive at times, but I am up for the challenge.

If you don’t have a hobby I suggest you get one as soon as possible. Pick one that you like and will challenge you.

Constant Learning


Quick update!

Loving the flexible hours. I got to leave early to attend a birthday dinner 1.5 hours away.

Had a fun problem. One page of a site was displaying abbreviated articles causing some html to get cut off and as a result was missing closing tags. My solution: use regex to add closing tags after the string got truncated. Senior Developer code review -> had a better way and better reasons to use 1 php functions and 1 function from the framework we were working with. It is an excellent opportunity to be surrounded by more senior developers!

First Code Review = Epic Learning + 100 exp

Same Friday schedule working on a project with a friend.



I survived 2 weeks of life as a paid developer. All I can say is that I love it.

Now that I have found something I like to do everyday I have been more careful with my time. I try to wake up early. This past week I have been successfully up at 5:30am. Next week I am pushing for 5am. Waking up early allows me to complete tons of tasks before the day even begins. Some the things I do in the morning are :

– Go for a walk
– Algorithms
– Read
– Organize my notes from the previous day (simultaneously reinforcing the previous day’s learning)
– Prepare food
– Do some miscellaneous todo tasks

Each weekend I make time to refine my schedule depending on what worked and didn’t work. I also take special care to keep my projects organized in Trello so I can make progress while juggling many different projects with different teams.

I felt more than prepared for the first few weeks as a developer thanks to my bootcamp and my own learnings. I spent every day after graduation preparing to be employed as a developer. I have a long road a head of me, but I definitely feel like I was prepared.

Pro tip: study hard.

I find it hard to sleep at night despite waking up so early. During the day it feels as if I am downloading a terabyte of data into by brain much like a server, except I have to reboot mine daily and for about 8 hours. The excitement of learning and working on fun projects keeps me awake. At night I find myself getting up to make a note of some of the thoughts that go through my mind.

Discipline is all I can practice daily as I fight to tame my mind. All we have is time, I am choosing carefully what to do with mine and I recommend the same to anyone reading this.

Week 0


I completed my first week of work as a Web Developer. Here is a quick summary of what happened.

There were seven other people schedule for the same orientation. They consisted of people assigned to various departments and levels. The group had interns, part time employees, full time employees, hourly employees, salary employees, basically the most diverse crowd for an orientation I have seen.
After some administrative tasks and presentations we took a tour of the building and checked out four of the eleven floors in the building. Yes the company works on all four floors. We also got a sneak preview of some of the many active projects/sites that the company manages.

The remainder of the week I started my various components for my training. A couple trainings required by the HR department and the rest relating to technology. Some of the topics covered were understanding team workflow, team structure, various processes, an intro into the company content management system and many other topics. There was tons of information I covered, too much to list here.

I recall the feeling I had after completing my coding boot camp. It felt like I was able to physically see hundreds of doors open and I didn’t know which door to go through. After getting invited to work at IB, it now feels like I have been pulled into one large door only to realize this was a door to another, much larger universe. Much like the final scene from Men in Black II (check out the last 15 seconds).

I have to be honest. I feel guilty for getting paid for what I do. I heard from developers before that we get paid to learn. I just didn’t realize I would feel guilty about it. I really do enjoy the path I have taken. Hopefully I will get used to it one day. I am glad I get to learn, organize, build solutions and code for work. I like it… a lot.

There is so much information to take in so…

– Mind Map everything that seems confusing or unclear.
The process of building these maps has helped make more sense of things. My favorite app right now is MindNode, but it doesn’t really matter which one you use.

– Level up
Always keep learning, everyday.

– Learn to Project Manage your life
In another post I will share my schedule and tools I have been building on for quite some time now.
I have recently moved from managing my daily, weekly and monthly tasks with OmniFocus to Trello.
Trello allows me to have more customization for organizing my projects, recurring tasks and other GTD tasks (Getting Things Done). Some info about GTD wikipedia and gettingthingsdone.

Skill in doing or making something

A person who practices a craft with great skill