Dojo After Dark is Live!

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 9.51.58 AM.png
Checkout my open source project at Dojo After Dark!

This week we added a bunch of features to help move us into the next phase of development.

Here are some of the cool features that were recently added:

– Awesome neon signage on the home page and home button in the navigation bar.
– Auth0 login so you don’t have to make a new account!
– After logging in you can find the weather at the Dojo on the top right near the sign out button.
– Ninja cards are automatically created for all users that sign into the site.

Some features still in development but able to see:

– Ping Pong score tracker
– Notifications
– Other pages linked in the navigation bar

I am really excited about the project because the code base is growing bigger and bigger each week! Working on Dojo After Dark has really helped me improve my coding game. This is the first real project that I have been extremely passionate about. I am very grateful to have gotten a lot of support from my peers. Every coder should definitely work on a project that they can play with. I remember watching a video or documentary that said the best way to learn is through play. It is how kids learn so fast and how adults should continue to learn.

Dojo After Dark is a playground where developers can take the project, read it, develop a feature, practice using APIs, practice front end design, practice back end coding and really anything.

I hope that more people take on projects like this, or even this one, so that they can improve their programming skills. I believe that learning to program is similar to learning how to build a house.

Before we can put together a house we need to some tools.
We then need to learn how to use our tools and keep them sharp.
We study how to build a house by reading about it, learning from others and practicing building smaller components that make up a house.
Over time with practice and dedication we have created many small components that will eventually make up a whole house.

This is why I like to think about programming like blacksmithing.
It is an art.
It is something that we need to practice.
We have tools we need to learn.
Sometimes we replace tools or need new ones.
Sometimes things break.
We learn how to fix them or build them better tomorrow.

Join us at Dojo After Dark for some discussions about various topics!
Last week we went over the front end styling framework Bootstrap 4.
On Wednesday’s we are having our book club meetings.
This coming week will be our first meeting for Eloquent JavaScript.
Read Chapter 1 & 2 before then.
We will be doing the exercises together.

Hope to see you there!


Sneak Peak Inside Dojo After Dark


As I wrote in my last post, this past month I have been given the opportunity to work with a live code base. It has been extremely intimidating because of the sheer size and complexity of project. This exposure has inspired to me create my first large scale project. The project is Dojo After Dark.

Programming has really made a positive impact on my life. I find it fuels my passion, inspires me to bring ideas to life and challenges me. This past week I have taken the initiative to layout part of the foundation this project. What is it? In summary it is an open source project whose purpose is to build and inspire a community of developers.

Dojo After Dark gives the current students and alumni of the Coding Dojo an opportunity to:
– contribute to an open source project (It is going to look good on a resume too)
– house your personal site, project, resume, etc.
– continue developing your skills
– explore a live project created by many people just like you
– be part of a community of developers with a passion for coding
– explore code
– have access to an ever growing code base
– learn both new and old technologies with others
– provide an environment that will act as an incubator for new developers
– and much more!

Come check us out at the Dojo After DarkĀ and get a copy of the project.
Monday – Friday
6pm – 8pm

We are having our first book night next Wednesday! The first book we are tackling is Eloquent JavaScript. Read chapters 1 & 2 before the meeting and we will go over the exercises together and answer any questions that come up.

Looking forward to seeing what this project will become!