Full Stack React


This past week I have been powering through the ebook I recently got from FullStackReact.com. It is an excellent read and I highly recommend it. Initially I tried to learn about react through docs, blogs and youtube channels. Before FullStackReact, I had been using tons of different resources that lead me to various issues with some content containing deprecated information. This was making my experience learning React extremely frustrating. What is great about FullStackReact is that they are consistently updating the ebook. The same authors also have an ebook on Angular, which I plan to get at some point in the future after I gain more experience with React.

I am currently about 80% done with the 1,000+ page ebook.  I really like React so far because I get to assemble my own custom framework. Creating a project this way allows me to gain a better understanding of how each part of the processes works. It reminds me of the excitement I felt when I first learn the MEAN stack and was able to write my very own server file. React is also really great because each component can be completely isolated making it easier to make adjustments and addition to the various parts of a project.

Other than this update, Happy Holidays!