Week 11: Dead Week


Here is the link to a time lapse of the event I created:

This week was dead week in the dojo. The instructors are out of town and this week consisted of catching up, rest, preparation for MEAN and a hackathon! I will be honest and say that I definitely spent more time recuperating from our fast pace life that it has been in the previous 10 weeks of my developer life.

Catch Up
I spent the first part of the week finishing up my Ruby stack and obtaining my second black belt. I always enjoy taking my exams when the dojo is somewhat empty because it allows for fewer distractions and gives me the chance to use 2 external monitors!

My schedule for the week involved spending a few days at the dojo. Most of my week was spent at home or with the family. I also had a chance to clean up and organize my computer and home. This resting period was much needed! My brain was able to cool down from all the fire that got started because of the pace we were learning at. I was definitely starting to feel burnt out, but this break allowed me to relax and reboot my brain.

We did have a few assignments to complete during the break. Much of it was just to review some of the previous tabs in our platform that we had completed in our previous stacks. Some of the topics to be reviewed were Ajax and jQuery, because mean stack will mainly be written in Java Script this was essential for the preparation of our final stack.

At the end of the week we had the opportunity to participate in our very own hackathon! This was an exciting opportunity that I was not going to miss!

The turnout consisted of about 4 different groups of various experience levels. At the start of our 12 hour journey we were given the task to bring awareness to various categories provided at the start of the event.

At the beginning of the hackathon my group spent the first couple hours deciding on what our project was going to be and planning the features we wanted to implement that day. The project we agreed on was to build a fitness website (with a future app in mind) were users from various fitness tracking applications could sync together to complete missions. We wanted to bring awareness to fitness by allowing the top 5 fitness trackers to sync all in one place.

At the end of the day we were not able to complete the project. Since it was our first hackathon we had no idea what we were getting into. After the event we realized that we probably bit more than we could chew within the 12 hour time limit. Despite not completing the project I was still very glad to have experience that kind of development. We had learned so much about working in teams, deadlines, prioritizing task and communication.

I hope to see more people at the next Coding Dojo Hackathon, it’s an experience that developers should not miss out on!