Week 9: RoR


This week: Ruby on Rails Exam

Results: Not good

I felt both good and bad about my performance on the exam. I definitely was not able pull off a black belt worthy output within the 4.5 hours given to us. These timed exam are really fun and challenging to me. They are designed to gauge how much knowledge we were able to gain and retain within these 3 short weeks.

Overall I was happy that I was able to get most of the features completed. Comparing to the other 2 times that I took the LAMP exam I definitely felt a lot more confident about building these sites. I can see the improvement and growth of my skills. So I plan to take it again to go for that black belt after another week on Rails.

These few weeks will mark the midway point of our journey here at the Coding Dojo. The following week is going to be for project week. The projects are up to our creativity. After following so many other designs it was finally our time to create something of our own design. The task seems daunting at first because the first few ideas that came to mind was a couple projects I wanted to work on after the program for real world use. What better time to start then now, I decided.  My project for the week is going to build a website for my local table top gaming community. The site would feature some forum like capabilities as well as a system to organize a calendar of events that the various players would plan to attend and/or organize. This weekend I am going to start creating the wire frame and list of features the site should have. Hopefully if all goes well the community will adopt my website and use it for their weekly events and share ideas together on it.

This project will allow me to implement some of the new ideas taught to us in the RoR stack. Some of these new topics we covered are authorization and authentication which only allow accesses to certain parts of the website with the correct user credentials. It was an exciting discovery, because prior to this I had no idea how they build these control aspects on websites and I didn’t realize how important this stuff is.

In conclusion … It’s okay, I’m a ninja! (in training)

Happy Coding!


Week 8: RoR


This week marks the second week of our Ruby On Rails stack. The best way I could describe my experience with this new stack is shown in the image above.

So far rails has given me great pleasure and also great frustration. Coming from the LAMP stack, Ruby and RoR has many aspects I have come to appreciate and one aspect I dislike. Some of the things that I enjoy bout this stack are the syntax, objects, errors, readability and probably a few more things that elude me at the moment as I try to save all this new found knowledge I have obtained this week. The one thing that I have come to dislike, at least in these beginning weeks, is the fact that this stack has a lot more automated tasks happening in the background that can be troublesome for me at times.

I really enjoy how literally everything in Ruby is an object. It allows for developers to implement methods on anything, even on numbers, making a lot of things very easy to read and understand. The syntax is less demanding in comparison to the previous stack. EDD (error driven development) appears to be much more clear in Rails due to the availability of various gems to enhance the developer experience.

The reason behind my comparison to a roller coaster is because I am still in the processes of learning how to think like a Ruby developer. Before I started my second stack I have heard that each programming language “thinks” a different way. After having spent the past couple weeks in Ruby I am beginning to understand what that means. After learning a few more languages I may begin to start understanding the differences between them and what each language has to offer.

At the end of the next week will be the exam to test our knowledge and understanding of both Ruby and RoR. As with the previous stack I am still a bit nervous because there are so many things I have yet to learn and understand. Looking forward to hopefully getting another black belt sticker! I have never worked so hard for a sticker before but these small incentives make the whole process a lot more enjoyable.

Until next week,

Happy Coding!


Week 7: Beginning Ruby on Rails

“I hope to see Ruby help every programmer in the world to be productive, and to enjoy programming, and to be happy. That is the primary purpose of Ruby language.”

“Often people, especially computer engineers, focus on the machines. They think, “By doing this, the machine will run fast. By doing this, the machine will run more effectively. By doing this, the machine will something something something.” They are focusing on machines. But in fact we need to focus on humans, on how humans care about doing programming or operating the application of the machines. We are the masters. They are the slaves.”

-Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto


All aboard the Ruby train!

This week marked the beginning of Ruby and Ruby on Rails development. The transition to this new stack was met with some resistance at times. After just have finishing the previous stack, when I was just starting to believe I was beginning to understand it, we begun learning a new language. Starting Ruby was very different from our previous stack. There was special mention regarding the purpose of Ruby as seen through the quote above from Matz. Our instructor and platform took special emphasis to let us know what the intent of using Ruby was initially for. Simply put it was conceived for developer happiness.

This week has definitely reflected that purpose. Ruby at times seems difficult to understand as we have just begun learning the language, while other times it is so clear of the intent of the language. Compared to my previous stack, Ruby seems to make more sense to me. It may be because I now have prior knowledge about programming while moving into this part of the bootcamp, but I definitely feel that I enjoy programming in Ruby.

At the end of the week we had just starting using Rails to develop our web applications. To sum up the week, we had just dipped our toes in the water. Over the weekend I am going to start looking at the MVC (Model View Controller) in Rails so that next week we can start developing more applications!

Stay tuned for me!

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