Week 14: MEAN ??? More like Rude Stack


I held off taking my belt test this week. I knew I was completely unprepared to take the test 😔. It still hasn’t fully clicked for me yet how MEAN stack works. This week has been pretty frustrating and confusing. This weekend I am going to figure it out though. The pieces are starting to fit together. I have been working on the mind map seen above(mean). I like to use mind maps to help me visual data so I can understand it more easily.

I believe I am a more visual and auditory learner. Taking notes in the form of a mind map has helped me put all the parts together in the bigger picture. I hope that my diagram will shed some light for others trying to learn the MEAN stack. I also encourage you to try mind mapping out. There are many free and paid applications or web apps that you can use to create a map.

My current mind mapping application: Mind Node


Although this a paid application, there are many free choices as well.
Most of them have about the same base functionality and all you would really need to do is pick one you like.

Try it out! It definitely helps me understand things more quickly.


Week 13: MEAN week 2

meanjs-1024x492.pngSecond week of MEAN stack. Very interesting learning each part of the stack piece by piece. Not quite sure what exactly is happening. This stack is much more challenging than the previous stacks we had studied. After spending the past few months coding I understand that patience is necessary to perform this craft.

Even though I say that I am kind of lost in this week’s code, I feel confident that I will be able to understand the MEAN stack before I complete the boot-camp. I started to notice a pattern that I have been doing that helps me understand the content we are learning.

skim -> practice -> review

Most of the time I find myself reading a tab in the platform only to get to the end realizing I didn’t absorb anything. I found that skimming through the content first allows me to see a bigger picture so I can start putting the pieces together.

Even though I don’t fully understand these topics, I like completing the assignments because it helps shed more light on the topics we are covering. I also find myself understanding more when I work on the assignments with another person so that we can discuss our understandings of each line of code we are writing.

After gathering about a week of knowledge I go back into my notes on the weekend. I go through each tab completed in the platform that week to build a mindmap to aid me in visualizing the data I have gathered throughout the week.

Today I don’t understand most of the things we have been going over, but I won’t let it discourage me. I know by the end of this stack I will have figured it out.