The Tank


Work was cool, kind of sucked a few days this week, but these days make the other days way better. I don’t have much to report, still learning and building things but nothing that excited me so much. We had a knowledge transfer session with Q & A where I ┬átried to expand my understanding of the operations within the company and how our technology works together. Definitely appreciated the guys from Mexico that came up for business and shed some light on┬áthis newbie here.

Weekend plans: fly some quadcopters!

Definitely an epic experience. It’s the closest I have gotten to feeling like a bird or plane in the sky. The main event of the evening was The Tank as seen in the photo. One of our other pilots somehow found themselves parked about 2-3 stories high in a pretty thick tree. Our more veteran pilot proceeded to chop the twigs and branches with what are called Indestructible Props. After about 5 brutal attempts The Tank won and was able to cut the other quad free from the Weeping Willow. 100% Epic…

I should receive the rest of my parts in the next few weeks and will soon have a quad to call my own. Also beginning work on a refined personal site and will eventually transfer this blog on to my personal site.