X-Wing at Riot Games HQ!

IMG_1028.jpgI spent today at the Riot Games HQ in Los Angeles, California. I was not able to take very many pictures on the campus but I can say it was awesome! For those of you that didn’t know, Riot Games is the creator of a very popular free to play game called League of Legends.

The reason for my visit was to attend the 2nd annual Mynock Squadron Invitational. This was a gathering of all the members of Mynock and proved to be full of fierce competition. I did not fly very well today but I did have blast! I haven’t had too much time to dedicate to my gaming so the results were as expected. I’ll definitely be back next year to try to take the title of becoming the Mynock Alpha!


One of my hobbies

IMG_0655.jpgX-Wing Miniatures

I started playing X-Wing in October of last year. It was my first experience with table top gaming. Prior to miniatures I was a big fan of a MMO (massive online multiplayer) game called World of Warcraft. From day one I knew I was hooked. The table top gaming experience is like nothing I have ever seen before. You plan your squad at home and go to a physical store to meet and play with people. The X-Wing community is awesome and the game itself is ridiculously entertaining and challenging! Oh yeah … and its Star Wars themed!